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Electronic Payment Software for Firearms

Our right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed by our Constitution. We believe that the right to buy and sell arms is included. Taken a step further, buyers and sellers should be able to accept any form of payment they like, including electronic payments like credit and debit cards.

While most banks and payment processors shy away from electronic payment services for firearms-related businesses, we welcome you. Read more below.

What firearms-related business types do we support?

Firearms-related businesses encompass a wide range of enterprises that are involved in the manufacture, distribution, sale, and servicing of firearms and related accessories. Here are some examples:

  • Firearms Manufacturers

  • Firearms Retailers

  • Gunsmiths

  • Ammunition Manufacturers

  • Firearms Accessories Manufacturers

  • Shooting Ranges

  • Firearms Training Centers

  • Gun Shows and Expos

  • Firearms Importers and Exporters

  • Firearms Instructors and Consultants

  • Gunsmithing Schools

  • Firearms Security and Storage

  • Firearms Compliance and Legal Services

  • Online Firearms Forums and Communities

  • Firearms Auction Houses

What factors cause a firearms business to be considered high-risk?

Firearms businesses are often considered high-risk merchants due to several factors that can increase the level of risk associated with their operations. These factors include:

  1. Regulatory Complexity: The firearms industry is heavily regulated at both the federal and state levels. Compliance with a complex web of laws, including background checks, waiting periods, record-keeping, and licensing requirements, can be challenging and error-prone.

  2. Legal Liability: Firearms are inherently dangerous products, and there is a higher risk of legal liability in cases of accidents, injuries, or misuse of firearms. This can lead to costly lawsuits and settlements.

  3. Chargebacks: Firearms transactions can result in a higher number of chargebacks due to various reasons, such as disputes over the condition of firearms received or disagreements over compliance with legal requirements.

  4. Reputation Risk: Some financial institutions and payment processors may be hesitant to associate with firearms-related businesses due to concerns about their reputation and public perception. They may want to avoid any negative publicity associated with firearms.

  5. Fluctuating Demand: The firearms market can be influenced by factors like changes in gun control laws, political events, and social trends. This can lead to unpredictable demand, making it difficult to forecast revenue accurately.

  6. Age and Identity Verification: Ensuring that customers meet legal age and identity requirements for purchasing firearms adds complexity to the transaction process, and errors can result in legal violations.

  7. Government Scrutiny: Firearms businesses are subject to close monitoring by government agencies and may face audits, inspections, and investigations, which can be disruptive and costly.

  8. Limited Banking Options: Many banks and payment processors have policies that restrict or prohibit working with firearms-related businesses. This can lead to limited options for financial services and payment processing.

  9. Online Sales and Shipping: Selling firearms and related items online involves additional challenges, including stringent shipping regulations and the need for secure age verification.

  10. Marketplace Restrictions: Some online marketplaces, like Amazon and eBay, have policies against listing firearms and accessories, limiting the channels through which firearms-related businesses can sell their products.

  11. Higher Costs: Due to the increased risk associated with firearms businesses, they may face higher fees for payment processing, insurance, and legal services, which can impact their profitability.

  12. Limited Advertising Options: Some advertising platforms may restrict or prohibit the promotion of firearms and related products, making it challenging for businesses to reach their target audience.


Because of these factors, firearms businesses often need to seek out specialized high-risk merchant account providers and financial institutions that are willing to work with them while also ensuring strict compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

How can Visioneer Payments help?

Since 1988 we’ve been helping merchants of all types to accept credit card payments. We have developed relationships with multiple banks and payment processors and can match our clients’ requirements with the appropriate financial institution. Approvals are quick and our no-risk agreement is month-to-month with no upfront fees and can be cancelled at any time with no cancellation fees.

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