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Gold & Silver Electronic Payment Services

Precious metals businesses are considered high-risk due to the volatile price fluctuations of precious metals, the potential for fraudulent transactions, strict regulatory oversight, and the need to safeguard valuable physical assets.

While most banks and payment processors shy away from electronic payment services for gold- and silver-related businesses, we welcome you. Read more below.

What precious metals business types do we support?

Gold- and silver-related businesses encompass a variety of enterprises involved in the exploration, mining, refining, trading, and investment in precious metals. Here are some examples we can support:

  • Mining Companies

  • Precious Metals Refineries

  • Jewelry Manufacturers

  • Bullion Dealers

  • Coin Dealers

  • Precious Metals Retailers

  • Gold and Silver Investment Firms

  • Precious Metals Storage Facilities

  • Pawn Shops

  • Scrap Gold and Silver Buyers

  • Numismatic Grading Services

  • Gold and Silver Mining Equipment Suppliers

  • Mining Exploration and Development Companies

  • Mints

  • Gold and Silver IRA (Individual Retirement Account) Companies

  • Metal Detecting Equipment Manufacturers

  • Gemological Laboratories

  • Mining Consultancy and Services

What factors cause a precious metals business to be considered high-risk?

Precious metals businesses are often considered high-risk merchants due to several factors associated with their operations:

  1. Price Volatility: The prices of gold and silver can be highly volatile, which can lead to fluctuations in the value of inventory and assets.

  2. Fraudulent Transactions: Precious metals are attractive targets for fraudulent activities, including counterfeit coins and bars, false purity claims, and fraudulent investment schemes.

  3. Regulatory Oversight: Precious metals businesses are subject to extensive regulatory oversight to prevent money laundering, fraud, and tax evasion. Compliance with these regulations can be complex and costly.

  4. Storage and Security Risks: Storing and securing valuable physical assets, such as gold and silver bullion, requires robust security measures to protect against theft and loss.

  5. Counterfeit Products: The market may be susceptible to counterfeit precious metals products, which can result in financial losses and reputational damage.

  6. Market Speculation: Speculative trading and investment in precious metals can lead to price bubbles and sudden market corrections, impacting business operations.

  7. Payment Processing Challenges: Due to the perceived higher risk, some payment processors and banks may be cautious about working with precious metals businesses, making it difficult to secure reliable payment processing solutions.

  8. Environmental Regulations: Mining and refining precious metals can have environmental impacts, leading to compliance and permitting challenges.

  9. Global Supply Chain Complexity: Precious metals are often sourced from different countries, introducing currency exchange and international trade complexities.

  10. Consumer Protection: There are regulations in place to protect consumers from unethical practices, including false advertising and misleading sales tactics.

  11. Asset Valuation: Determining the value of precious metals accurately and transparently is crucial for business transactions and investment.

  12. Investment Risk: Businesses involved in the sale of investment products, such as gold and silver coins and bars, may be exposed to fluctuations in demand and investment sentiment.

  13. Market Competition: The precious metals industry can be competitive, with businesses vying for market share, potentially leading to aggressive marketing and pricing strategies.

  14. Risk of Economic Downturns: During economic downturns or financial crises, the demand for precious metals as safe-haven assets may increase, but business operations may still be impacted by broader economic conditions.

  15. Legal and Compliance Costs: Precious metals businesses often need to invest in legal counsel and compliance measures to navigate the complex regulatory landscape, which can be costly.


While these factors contribute to the perception of high risk in the precious metals industry, many reputable businesses in this sector operate successfully by implementing stringent security measures, transparent business practices, and adherence to regulations to mitigate these risks and maintain customer trust.

How can Visioneer Payments help?

Since 1988 we’ve been helping merchants of all types to accept credit card payments. We have developed relationships with multiple banks and payment processors and can match our clients’ requirements with the appropriate financial institution. Approvals are quick and our no-risk agreement is month-to-month with no upfront fees and can be cancelled at any time with no cancellation fees.

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