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If your business has been placed into the "High-Risk Merchant" category, you know that getting a credit card merchant account can be challenging. We can help! Even if your processor has shut you down, we have solutions. With decades of experience assisting all types of businesses to get approved, calling us just might be your best move.

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What is a high-risk merchant account?

A high-risk merchant account is a specialized payment processing service designed for businesses operating in industries prone to elevated chargebacks, fraud, or regulatory uncertainties. These businesses, such as online gambling, adult entertainment, pharmaceuticals, and many others, often face greater financial and legal risks. High-risk merchant accounts provide a solution by accommodating their unique needs, allowing them to process payments while managing the higher risk factors.

What factors cause a business to be considered high-risk?

Merchants are considered high risk due to factors like poor credit, operating in industries with legal uncertainties or moral implications (e.g., gambling, adult content), having a history of excessive chargebacks, dealing with high-ticket items prone to fraud, exhibiting financial instability, or facing regulatory challenges. Businesses with international sales, subscription models, or negative reputational issues may also be classified as high risk. These factors increase the likelihood of financial loss, fraud, or legal disputes, leading payment processors to perceive them as higher risk and requiring specialized high-risk merchant accounts with tailored risk management strategies.

How can Visioneer Payments help?

Since 1988 we’ve been helping merchants of all types to accept credit card payments. We have developed relationships with multiple banks and payment processors and can match our clients’ requirements with the appropriate financial institution. Approvals are quick and our no-risk agreement is month-to-month with no upfront fees and can be cancelled at any time with no cancellation fees.

Which high-risk industries can we work with?

Adult products




Bail Bonds

Background search

Bill Payment

Business opportunities

Carpet & floors

CBD & Hemp Oil

Charters & Tours

Check cashing

Coins, gold, silver

Collection agents


Credit repair

Crowd funding

Cruise lines

Dating service

Debt consolidation

Debt counseling



Digital wallet

Direct marketing

Discount clubs


Extended warranty

Firearms, ammo

Fortune tellers

Furniture & mattress

Gentleman’s clubs

Hair restoration


Loan modification

Magazine subscriptions

Massage therapists

Multilevel marketing

Negative option billing

Non-profits (start-up)


Online auctions

Online marketplaces

Pawn shops

Prepaid gift card

Tech support

Timeshare related


Travel related


Web design/SEO

...and more!

Let's do this thing.

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